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edcapitola:  lovecircumcisedmen:  a hot guy showing off his Supreme Big Cock.  He has much to be proud of. Follow me and I’ll follow you … http://edcapitola2.tumblr. combaremascorlando:  men2love:  Head Turner (235)  Andrew’s Cornerbaremascorlando:  Andrew’s Cornersperminherman:  True Blue (19 of 50) Lance Alexander (2 of 2).fuckyeahhugepenis:  -collegecock:  wank me, buddy edcapitola:  randydave69:  18gay:  I remember seeing this in about 1980 in HS at an older friends house in Playgirl magazine. I said he was hot, my friend said ‘he would let you suck it but treat you bad, he looks like an asshole’. I said, ‘I don’t care!”. Dave p.s. I have a HUGE archive! Please reblog! PLEASE don’t follow ME if you are under 18! Dave Follow me! Over 10,000 people do!  He’s hot for sure. Follow me and I’ll follow you … http://edcapitola.tumblr.comrealfuckinggood:  Antoninxlbig:  *xLBig   *BulgeB    @bulgeb* thecircumcisedmaleobsession:  Babe, come back to bed… :( I’m horny again! Check out that thick fuckin’ head on this 23 year old Army guy stationed in Japan…
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